Friday, September 15, 2006

Playah Please

Ok, here is the dealio. I have like a ton of other blogs through Blogger and they are updating their interface. The problem is this... they haven't opened up all the fun stuff to all the existing bloggers. I wanted to check it out, but I couldn't with my existing blogs so I created this one. It will no doubt die very soon, but in the meantime I am going to deck it out will all the junk.

It may look really really ugly and full of widgets, but I can't add them to my existing ones. And, the thing is there are things available in this blog that make finding stuff a lot easier, like tags, and I want them in my main blog. OPEN IT UP!!!! I have been a faithful Google user forever. I was invited to the beta of Gmail immediately, but I can't get in here. Pick my blogs! PLEASE!

Ok, enough pathetic begging.

I have a rant about the new iTunes 7 and how it has jacked up my iPod syncing, but I am going to put that on my main blog

Peace out!

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